There is Nothing Like that First Cup of Coffee in the Morning

Recently I have started getting up earlier each morning.  It has had 3 benefits for me.  I get to spend 15-30 minutes with my husband each morning.  I usually leave earlier for work and am more relaxed and not rushing in. 

It allows me to sit and enjoy the 1st cup of coffee.  There really is nothing like that first cup.  The smell of it, the warmth of the mug in your hand.  The ability to just sit and relax and do whatever as I enjot it.  I can drink it while reading freshly pressed, or other Blogs.  I can sit and enjoy it at the breakfast table with the newspaper.  Or soon when mother nature and jack frost finish their battle and the weather is finally reflective of spring I will be able to sit on our back deck enjoying the morning with my 1st cup of coffee. 

It doesn’t matter what I do with it, the 1st cup isn’t like any other cup during the day.  It is pure pleasure and enjoyment.  It is usually in a mug that is a favorite it doesn’t get cold and isn’t quickly gulped between customers or other work tasks.

I am thrilled with the invention of the Travel cup.  It allows me to enjoy a cup of coffee on my hour commute into work.  But the driving to work isn’t the same as relaxing on the couch with my mug.  If I don’t finish it before arrival I don’t enjoy it drinking it the same from the travel mug at my desk as if it were in a mug at my desk.

Once at my work desk it is likely at some point I will be drinking cold coffee.  In fairness I am paid to work and not just sit and enjoy a nice hot cup of coffee so the other tasks take precedence.  My friend the coffee then gets grabbed and drank without thought or pleasure.

But for right now I will smile, feel good and enjoy the last of my 1st cup of coffee for the day. I hope you are doing the same 🙂


About TipsByRoseanne

This is where I will share my experiences. I will be posting tips about cooking and keeping a clean and organized home. 2 Things I am currently not known for, but hope to learn in the coming months. I will also share my journey trying to get healthy and lead a better life. Again I will post my successes and failures with this journey. Come with me as make this changes adn please feel free to comment and contribute. All I ask is you remain respectful. I don`t mind criticism or disagreement as long as it is professional. Please avoid being nasty or rude or your comments will be deleted. You can be rest assured you can comment here and share and contribute without being attacked. Anything that I feel is nasty about me or my readers will be deleted.
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